An innovative concept

Focused on awakening your senses

Eco world responsible

All our apartments have been designed and equipped so that you do not miss anything , and you can time your stay entertain and relax. Our apartments have been created to promote well being, relaxation and sensory awareness. We know that many trips, the stress of everyday life, are particularly significant for the body and mind, so it seemed to us essential to create for our customers a healthy environment in which to relax.

Well being

CAB makes available to its customers an eco-friendly world for it to relax : bedding and linens bio, walk-in shower, light therapy, foot reflexology, air purifier, distributor of aromatic oils ...

Delight of delight

CAB offers customers the opportunity to improvise Chef. With tool for a stove, and a small herb garden , you can easily sublimate your taste buds by trying out French gastronomy.

A museum at home

CAB apartments have been designed as an invitation to travel and discovery. We have selected the best contemporary works by known artists or to know that will awake your senses.

Contemporary art

During your stay you can immerse yourself in an artistic universe in perfect harmony with your Parisian life. Give yourself the luxury of a home museum with works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons , Roy Lichtenstein, Takashi Murakami, ...